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Better, bigger, wider – an ergonomic executive chair fulfills almost all superlatives. The executive chair conveys a touch of luxury and exclusivity, paired with status and seating comfort. Whether at work, in the office or in the home office, the chair for managers, plant managers and managing directors promises cozy comfort. But upholstery that is too soft and comfortable backrests damage the back if there is no seating space and movement suffers as a result. The demands that HARA CHAIR places on an ergonomic executive chair are therefore high. Because in order to stay healthy, people need exercise. The executive chairs from HARA CHAIR therefore enable active and dynamic sitting. In this category you will find desk chairs from HARA CHAIR that meet these requirements. Our specialist consultants will be happy to help you find the right executive chair for your back and your office room.

Good executive chairs score with their looks and functionality

Executive chair Office chairs impress with their modern lines and elegant appearance. In most models, a chrome frame, black leather and soft upholstery ensure a representative appearance and a comfortable sitting experience – even over a long period of time. Most office workers today spend at least eight hours in a chair. The bosses of this world often have to sit for much longer than eight hours. If you add the same amount of time for sleep, there are not many hours left for sport and exercise. Fortunately, there are now office chairs and ergonomic executive chairs that allow and even encourage natural movements when sitting. After all, anyone who spends many hours a day in conferences, meetings and meetings needs a comfortable executive chair for their meetings that also allows you to sit in motion. So bosses can get the Sport Coach right at their desk.

The best executive chair is dynamic

Orthopaedists and ergonomists recommend dynamic sitting. The sitting position should be changed as often as possible. The ergonomic executive chairs from HARA CHAIR are easy on the back by allowing more movement when sitting in the office than any other office chair. With the divided seat, the executive chairs from HARA CHAIR promote ergonomically optimal, dynamic sitting. The divided seating system optimally adapts to the angle of the pelvis. The spine and pelvis are relieved, the intervertebral discs are spared, the blood circulation in the legs and buttocks is stimulated and the circulation is stimulated. With many different sitting positions, HARA CHAIR strengthens the muscles of the back and pelvis while sitting. A slight muscle soreness is even normal at the beginning.

Ergonomic executive chair for the office

With the CAE model, HARA CHAIR has created a classic office chair that is not only suitable for heavy people, but also meets all the requirements for dynamic sitting. The ergonomic shape of the CAE with the integrated, light lumbar support supports the lower lumbar area as well as the shoulder girdle. The generous upholstery increases the seating comfort even further. The backrest, which has a traditional look, follows the natural S-curve of the spine. With its elegant chrome frame and black PVC synthetic leather, the CAE almost looks like a designer executive chair. Compared to the sporty gaming chairs NIE and NWL with the split backrests, the CAE impresses with its impressive back support. But the intervertebral disc office chair ZEN-LS as well as the discreet office chair ZEN are now worthy of an executive chair.

CAE – the XXL executive chair

The CAE model is the classic among the XXL office chairs. The executive chair is almost predestined for tall and heavy people thanks to its high backrest and stable construction. With its generous dimensions, the CAE is made for tall and heavy people. The frame is solidly built. The backrest is 85 centimeters high. And the divided seat is 50 centimeters as deep as it is wide. One meter and ninety-five-centimeter-high people as well as heavyweights can comfortably drop into the cushions of the CAE. And: With a heavy-duty cross, the permissible maximum weight can even be increased to up to 150 kilograms. A heavy-duty cross can be retrofitted for an additional charge. All other executive chairs from HARA CHAIR also support heavyweights up to a maximum of 120 kilograms.

NIE and NWL – the unconventional executive chairs

A modern executive chair swivel chair may today deviate from the classic model of the executive chair and like to look unconventional. After all, the modern, sporty boss of today values a wiry and well-trained body, plays squash with his business partners during the lunch break, jogs ten kilometers after work and goes sailing at the weekend The sporty NIE and NWL office chairs, some of which are multicolored, are ideal for this type of boss. With their divided seat and backrest, the futuristic-looking office chairs perfectly match the image of the future-oriented businessman, always on the cusp of the next innovation. Precisely because of its sporty gadgets, the two office chairs NIE and NWL look quite unconventional as executive chairs, but are no less luxurious.

Which model is “the” right executive chair for your intervertebral discs depends on your personal requirements. Body weight plays a role here, as does the individual symptoms. If you have already had a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, you could benefit from a lumbar support. You can try out for yourself at home with a rolled up towel or pillow whether you find the S padding in the lower back comfortable.

Order your executive chair in the HARA CHAIR online shop. Our employees will be happy to advise you and will contact you immediately by telephone or e-mail. Tell us your height and weight. And if you should suffer from back problems, this information would also be relevant for the selection of the right executive chair.

We will check for you whether you have chosen the right HARA CHAIR model. With this we want to ensure that the model meets your ergonomic and orthopedic requirements. We will only send you your executive chair after a personal consultation.

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