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High quality and advance technology “Made in South Korea”

“Made in South Korea” products are generally known for their high quality and advanced technology. South Korea has a strong reputation for producing electronics, automobiles, and consumer goods that are reliable and innovative. South Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are well-regarded globally for their products.

Korean products have a reputation for good quality because of the high standards that Korean manufacturers adhere to.

HARA CHAIR K-Mark Korea Testing Laboratory Certified

HARA CHAIR K-Mark Korea test laboratory certified.
The K-Mark Korea certification is similar to the BIFMA certification for Europe and the USA. K-Mark ensures the safety, durability and sustainability of furniture at a high quality level.

HARA CHAIR Japan Patent

HARA CHAIR Japan Patent

HARA CHAIR United States Patent

HARA CHAIR United States Patent

HARA CHAIR Korea Patent

HARA CHAIR South Korea Patent

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