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XXL office chairs

Corpulent people need resilient office chairs. In our XXL office chairs category, heavy people will find the right swivel chair for the office. Whether executive chair or heavy-duty chair, the XXL office chairs from HARA CHAIR are ergonomic, orthopedic and healthy. Because they enable dynamic sitting. Our XXL office chairs are suitable for tall people measuring between 1 and 95 meters as well as for heavy people weighing up to 120 kilograms. With a heavy-duty base for an extra charge, our XXL office chairs can even be loaded up to a maximum of 150 kilograms.

XXL office chairs for heavyweights

Simply cut a good figure while sitting. On an XXL office chair from HARA CHAIR, even the heaviest feel light as a feather. Sink back and relax in front of the PC, rest your elbows elegantly on the forearm supports and let your head fall into the headrest. Relaxed work can be so easy on a comfortable office chair. Our XXL office chairs are a sustainable solution for overweight people. They are robustly made, impress with their elegant lines and make long periods of sitting comfortable. After all, taller people have very specific requirements when it comes to an office chair. Above all, safety and longevity are important. The castors have to be stable, the gas spring extra high and the fabric of the seat cover particularly hard-wearing. The frame of the office swivel chairs from HARA CHAIR is also very stable and can withstand a lot. The permissible maximum weight of the XXL office chairs can be increased from the usual 120 kilograms to a maximum of 150 kilograms with the executive chair, the CAE model, even with a heavy-duty base. We can supply the heavy-duty base as an accessory on request for an additional charge.

Moves seats on heavy-duty chairs

If you spend more than eight hours a day at your desk, your spinal discs will be flattened. Rigidly crammed between the seat and the backrest, the spine eventually feels as if it has been compressed. The deep connective tissue is caking, the muscles are tense, the irritated nerves are inflamed, and there is a risk of lumbago. The dynamic XXL office swivel chairs from HARA CHAIR were therefore specially developed to promote back health and to support the spine and pelvis. The XXL office chairs from HARA CHAIR are individually adjustable and can be adapted to the body shape for optimal sitting. The ergonomic seat height can be adjusted from 43 to 60 centimeters depending on body size. The seat is a generous 50 centimeters wide and just as deep. And that’s not all: With the divided seat, HARA CHAIR allows you to sit in motion. The divided seat modules avoid any pressure on the coccyx, adapt dynamically to the movements of the spine and promote blood circulation in the entire pelvis and back area. Due to the movement impulses, the intervertebral discs can even regenerate when sitting.

Long periods of sitting without back pain

Especially developed for long periods of sitting in the office, the patented, divided seat is integrated in all office chair models from HARA CHAIR. Only the ergonomic back support differs. The CAE model is the classic among the XXL office chairs. The executive chair is almost predestined for tall and heavy people thanks to its high backrest and stable construction. The ergonomic shape of the CAE with a slight lumbar support supports the lower lumbar region as well as the shoulder girdle. The generous upholstery increases the seating comfort even further. And: With a heavy-duty base, the permissible maximum weight can even be increased to up to 150 kilograms. All other office chairs from HARA CHAIR (i.e.: NIE, ZEN, ZEN-LS, NWL) support heavy users up to a maximum of 120 kilograms, or up to 150 kilograms with a heavy-duty base for an additional charge.

Similar to the CAE executive chair, the ZEN also supports the entire back and especially the lumbar region with a slight lumbar support. The backrest with its classic appearance supports the natural S-curve of the spine. The HARA CHAIR ZEN-LS even has an integrated lumbar support in the lower back area. This built-in cushion relieves the lumbar spine when sitting. The ZEN-LS was designed with the integrated stronger lordosis support for people with a strong hollow back or after a herniated disc.

Patented split seat and backrest

The NIE and NWL models are completely different: the almost futuristic-looking office chairs have a split seat and a split backrest. Just like the two seat modules, the two backrest wings automatically adapt to individual movements. This enables dynamic sitting – for many hours. The pelvis is supplied with more blood, the intervertebral discs are massaged by the permanent movements and tension-related back pain is prevented. The NIE and NWL are therefore extremely popular with computer gamers and gamers who spend most of their day in front of a PC.

Just like the HARA CHAIR models ZEN and ZEN-LS, the two XXL office chairs NIE and NWL are also built for strong people weighing up to 120 kilograms. With a heavy-duty base for an extra charge, the permissible maximum weight can even be increased to up to 150 kilograms for these models.

The step towards an ergonomically designed workplace pays off. The XXL office chairs from HARA CHAIR for overweight people were specially developed for more movement in the office. Because the office chairs from HARA CHAIR promote dynamic sitting and thus prevent back pain and herniated discs, they reduce downtime and absenteeism from the office.

Which model is “the” XXL office chair depends on your personal requirements. Body weight plays a role here, as does the individual symptoms. If you have already had a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, you could benefit from a lumbar support. You can try it out for yourself at home with a rolled-up towel or pillow to see whether you find the S padding in the lower back comfortable.

Order your XXL office chair in the HARA CHAIR online shop. Our staff will be happy to advise you or contact you immediately by telephone or e-mail. Tell us your height and weight. And if you should suffer from back problems, this information would also be relevant for the selection of the right office swivel chair.

We will check for you whether you have chosen the right HARA CHAIR model. We want to ensure that the XXL office chair meets your ergonomic and orthopedic requirements. We will only send you your health chair after a consultation.