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An orthopedic office chair is a costly purchase. For a good orthopedic chair, in most cases, costs several hundred euros. So it makes sense to have an orthopedic office chair prescribed by the doctor if necessary. Health insurance companies assist depending on the case. However, there is no clear regulation.

It is worth asking the health insurance company

If you want to apply for an orthopedic office chair through your health insurance, you should get information from your clerk. But the demand can be worthwhile. In addition to glasses or rollators, which are financed by statutory health insurances according to the doctor’s prescription and delivered by medical supplies, orthopedic office chairs are also taken over in individual cases. Whether and under what conditions an orthopedic office chair is currently approved and which documents must be submitted for an application for reimbursement can be inquired at the various health insurance companies.

The employer is responsible for healthy seating

When asked, some health insurance companies also refer to the employer, who has to create a healthy working environment. And the employer will probably point out the colleagues who are all well seated in their chairs. However, if the employer ensures a healthy workplace for its employees, the two may be able to agree on joint funding. The costs for an orthopedic office chair can also be deducted as an expense in the tax return. If the employer pays part of the costs, the office chair also belongs to him in part. In the event of a change of employer, the employee must agree with the employer about taking the office chair with him.

Office chair at your own expense

If you want to buy an orthopedic office chair on your own initiative, you should make sure before you buy it that your employer allows you to use it in the workplace. The employer decides which office chairs are used in his company. In addition, he is not forced to allow a back-friendly chair. If necessary, the safety and safety inspector and the company doctor agree.

Who still pays for an office chair

If it is not possible to assume the costs through the health insurance company or the employer, the employers’ liability insurance association, the employment agency or the integration office remain. The employers’ liability insurance associations come up after an accident at work or commuting, the employment agency is the point of contact for insured persons with less than 15 years of contribution and without medical rehabilitation. And the integration office is the point of contact for civil servants and students.

Subsidy from the pension insurance

Under certain conditions, the German Pension Insurance also pays for height-adjustable desks or orthopedic office chairs. The technical work aids, which were fully financed by the German pension insurance as part of the participation in working life, are the property of the employee. If the pension insurance has paid for an orthopedic office chair once, you can take your chair with you the next time you change employer.

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