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Requirements Office Chair

What are the demands made on office chairs? On the one hand, office swivel chairs should make long periods of sitting as healthy and back-friendly as possible. On the other hand, office chairs should prevent possible back problems and alleviate existing back problems. In this category we tell you which requirements the desk chairs from HARA CHAIR fulfill. Our specialist advisors will be happy to help you find the right work chair for your back.

Breathable padding

One of the most important requirements for an office chair is aimed at high seating comfort. Instead of sharp, pointed edges, an office chair should be well lined. Another important requirement is therefore related to the quality of the upholstery. The seat and backrest should be equipped with breathable and easy-to-clean materials. In the office chairs from HARA CHAIR a special foam is processed, the air-conditioning lamellae have a heat-regulating effect and wick away moisture. The sitter always feels comfortable.

A stable stand

An office swivel chair should also be able to tip over. At least five rollers prevent it from tipping backwards. Even if the backrest is tilted the most, the chair should stand securely. The models from HARA meet this requirement CHAIR with flying colors. The 50 millimeter castors are standard. This means that the comparatively large castors always guarantee a firm footing even on uneven ground.

Moving sitting

The office swivel chair should bounce slightly when you sit down. This avoids compression and the impact load on the spine and pelvis is kept as low as possible. The office chairs from HARA CHAIR not only give in slightly when you sit down, they also enable dynamic sitting. The chair seat and backrest automatically follow the movements of the seated person. An integrated spring mechanism supports the buttocks and back in the different sitting positions, promotes the various working postures and encourages the body to sit in motion.

It depends on the dimensions

The backrest ideally has a width of at least 36 to 48 centimeters. The backrests of the office chairs from HARA CHAIR can be adjusted to optimally adapt to individual requirements. In the HARA CHAIR ZEN-LS models even have an integrated lumbar support that can be adjusted in height and depth as required.

Ideally, the seat depth is at least 38 to 44 centimeters, the seat width should be at least 40 to 48 centimeters. The seats of the office swivel chairs from HARA CHAIR are even slightly larger with a width and depth of 50 centimeters each. For smaller people, HARA CHAIR but also shorter seat cushions with a seat depth of up to 45 centimeters. The height of the seat should be adjustable from at least 43 to 50 centimeters. The office chairs from HARA CHAIR can even be adjusted to a height of up to 60 centimeters. Even people up to two meters tall can use the office chairs from HARA CHAIR take a seat comfortably.

Armrests and headrest

Armrests and headrests are also part of the requirements placed on an office chair. So armrests can relieve the shoulders and neck. Ideally, armrests are at least 20 centimeters long, four centimeters wide and adjustable in height. A headrest can also be useful. The headrests from HARA CHAIR are adjustable both in height and angle of inclination. With an extra long headrest holder, even taller people can comfortably lean their heads on. The armrests on the office chairs from HARA CHAIR are height adjustable and can also be removed if necessary.

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