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Office Chair Pension Insurance

Rehabilitation before retirement, under this motto, the German pension insurance offers extensive services. Under certain conditions, this also includes grants for orthopedic office chairs.

Who is funding?

The German pension insurance pays for everyone who has 15 years of contribution periods or for whom the office chair is necessary as a medical service for rehabilitation. The employers’ liability insurance association also subsidizes work aids after work or commuting accidents. And the employment agencies approve work aids for insured persons with less than 15 years of professional experience and without medical rehabilitation.

Who can submit an application?

If you work seated and your ability to work can only be maintained with an orthopedic office chair, you can apply for the costs to be covered. The benchmark is an impending disability, for example against the background of repeated inability to work due to neck and back problems, a rehabilitation measure or a disc operation.

How do I submit the application?

For a subsidy for an orthopedic office chair, you must submit the two forms “G0100 Application for participation benefits for insured persons – application for rehabilitation” and “G0133 Annex to the application for participation in working life benefits – assumption of costs for aids and technical work aids that are required to practice the profession due to the disability”. (here you can find the forms) submit to the German Pension Insurance. In it you provide information about your employment relationship and whether you do your work standing, sitting or alternating. The special features that the office chair should have must also be noted on the form. To a HARA CHAIR If possible, the description should be based on a three-dimensionally flexible chair that relieves the load on the intervertebral discs and the back and can adapt to the body’s movements.

What else is necessary?

You also need a medical certificate or the discharge report from rehab. Your treating doctor or orthopedic surgeon must write a medical report. This is the prerequisite for reimbursement. An orthopedic office chair does not have to be prescribed directly. However, the doctor should explicitly point out the conditions in the workplace. The pension insurance should take from the certificate that an orthopedic office chair is absolutely necessary to maintain and improve the state of health or for professional rehabilitation. The letter should show that the chair compensates for your limitations and that you can continue to work professionally with the orthopedic office chair. After a rehabilitation measure, you need the discharge report from the clinic, in which the need to purchase an orthopedic office chair is medically justified.

Do I need an invoice for the office chair?

No, the application must be made before the purchase, otherwise the entitlement will expire. However, a cost estimate from a qualified specialist dealer in the form of an offer should be enclosed with the application.

How much is the grant?

Each case is assessed individually. There is no fixed maximum amount. The amount of the reimbursement may vary. In most cases, the pension insurance pays a maximum allowance of 435 euros for an orthopedic office chair.

Where do I send the application to?

Send your documents with the completed application to the pension insurance, which will also send you your pension information: the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund at Ruhrstraße 2 in 10709 Berlin.

What happens when I submit the application?

The pension insurance will forward your application to the medical service for review. The pension insurance will send the notification back to you.

Where can I find out more if I have any questions?

The employees of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung answer questions about the application on the service telephone on 0800-100048070.

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